Lansing Michigan Bankruptcy Attorneys


service1Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC offers debt management and bankruptcy services to our clients in central Michigan.  If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in or around Lansing, Michigan, we can help.  Our attorneys are licensed in both the Eastern and Western District Federal Courts.  We have extensive experience in debt management, asset protection, debt counseling and bankruptcy.  We offer free initial consultations in our main office in Lansing.

How Do I Stop Bill Collectors From Contacting Me?

This is a frequently asked question and one that many consumers are concerned about.  The stress of carrying debt can be devastating on any family.  Although there may be other answers, a bankruptcy filing comes with what is called an automatic stay.  This means that you have protection from any attempts to collect a debt once you file.   This law is strictly enforced.  For the most part, this means that lawsuits and creditor calls come to a screeching halt.  This buys you some instant peace of mind while your attorneys, the bankruptcy trustee and the Court are working on a final resolution to your debt.

What If I Want to Pay My Bills But Don’t Have the Money?

The truth is that most of our clients want to pay their bills.  They feel a sense of obligation.  They care about their credit.  They want to keep their commitments.  This is certainly commendable.  However, it is not always possible and it is not always what is best for your family.  When we meet with you, we will consider the various options.  Some of those options give you the protection from creditors you need today while you are working on paying as much of the past bills as possible.

How Do I Know If This is the Right Time to File Bankruptcy?

We will decide that together.  Timing issues are important to any bankruptcy filing and you should take advantage of our free consult before you decide.  We will look at your income, debt, assets and your ability to pay and make a recommendation.  You should keep this in mind: Many people struggle with debt unnecessarily while interest accrues in amounts larger than the payments they can make.  So, they get deeper and deeper in debt.  By doing this, they cause themselves several years worth of agony that hurts their family. Delay is usually not helpful. You can call now for a consultation at (517) 886-1000.